Metal Roofing Color Charts…  

Color is everything! Every metal roofing manufacturer and supplier has spent countless hours of field testing and conducted untold hours of consumer research to determine what colors will be perfect and hit the target.  Now they are all in one convenient location. Here they are, side by side, to give you the opportunity for easy and fast comparison. But color isn’t everything.  In addition to the colors, there are many different finishes, dozens of profiles, and hundreds of different installation methods. If you are a manufacturer or supplier and your color chart is not here,  contact us and we’ll gladly add it.

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The effect of your monitor’s setting: On-screen viewing has its limitations. The color chart you view may not be a spot-on representation of the actual color… but it is close.  And to get the best representation, contact the supplier for a chart and a color sample chip.  They’re almost always available at no cost.

NOTE: This website is presented as a public service and is not associated with any individual manufacturer or supplier.

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  • About Metal Roofing Color Charts

    Metal roofing color charts are important because color truly can make or break a home or a commercial building.  The metal roof color becomes the way a building is identified, affects how much is spent on heat or air conditioning, whether or not it is easy to sell 20 years from now, and more. It is perhaps the easiest way to make a home beautiful forever. The charts on this site will help you compare.

    While metal roofing is available in many, many different colors, the roof is also much more than its color. It is the first line of defense against the seasonal elements – especially the sun (or lack of it!).

    All metal roofing insulates, though not as much as some other materials.  However, it makes up for its insulation value with its color properties. Everyone knows that light colors reflect and dark colors absorb. Some roofs are ENERGY STAR rated. This means that they reflect a high percentage of solar rays away from the building, while also reflecting a high percentage of heat. (Even in colder northern climates, the concern focuses on the metal roofing’s ability to reflect heat.)

    White reflects the most. White metal roofing often lowers indoor temperature by reflecting the sun’s rays back to where they came from. This is true of all light colors, though they all do not offer the same amount of reflection as pure, solid white. Still, they lower temperatures better than a dark color.

    Cool metal roofing colors run to the blue shades, and they are considered to be neutrals. Here’s why: as their name implies, these metal roofing colors absorb less heat, meaning they reflect most of heat from the sun. It also means the color does not significantly increase or decrease the temperature of the home, ie – keep its temperature NEUTRAL.

    There are warm neutrals, just as there are cool neutrals.  They, too, have a neutral effect on the indoor temp. These are your reds, pinks, and light shades of brown. Because they are NEUTRAL, these shades have little impact on the ambient degrees inside a house or building.

    Many of the manufacturers and suppliers on this metal roofing site offer an online color simulator. By using it, you can virtually “see” how your roof will appear when it is installed. The best method is to ask the supplier for the address of previous installations using the same or a similar color.

    Don’t hesitate when it comes to choosing metal roofing. Many metal roofing colors are available and your biggest challenge will be finding the best match to who you are and how you want your home or building to look.